True Paradigmdepth and authenticity in edtech

True Paradigm was created in 2019 with the mission to enable greater depth and authenticity in schools in the context of edtech. True Paradigm is an initiative by Shift Education.


It is undeniable that we are living in a time of great changes. Technology is disrupting and reshaping how today’s society thinks, works, learns, and evolves. This change presents us with unique challenges as well as unprecedented opportunities – for productivity, national competitiveness, and how individuals participate in society.

Technology offers unprecedented opportunities to enhance education in ways that we couldn’t before. We believe that we still haven’t properly woken up to that potential. Without a great teacher, technology merely becomes an automated tool and stops inspiring and engaging students. Ultimately, it isn’t about replacing teachers with technology but how teachers can adapt to incorporate technology in the classroom. Our quest is to do what it takes to enable and empower teachers.

Despite an almost unlimited availability of technology tools we have discovered in the schools we work with that teachers have not been able to improve learning attainments. The pace of implementation is often slow because of the lack of reliable information, resources, and expertise on which to guide implementation.

Sir Ken Robinson says that “We can’t just revolutionize by improving the old model. We have to think differently.” Our success will be measured by how well we can prepare individuals to keep pace with the rapidly changing nature of technology – this is the goal we have set for ourselves and something we can enable for others. We invite explorations and collaborations from like-minded individuals and groups to build research and create unique solutions to critical challenges in these domains.

Backgroundwritten by Priyanka

In 2017 we were invited by two K12 schools to design a set of websites and some media documents. That was a simple and straightforward project which we completed within a few weeks. A few weeks later, we were once again called up and were asked to implement a set of digital tools in classrooms in the teaching-learning context.

We discovered that the schools had previously engaged with several educational technology companies, but time and time again, the outcome had been the same – there had been little or no positive change in learning attainments. We discovered that it was not a lack of technology tools that was the problem but how these technology tools were implemented and how change was navigated. Over time we felt it was not a "technology challenge," but a "people challenge."

We have intended to create the right conditions and provide examples to inspire and encourage people to shift practices and work together toward a common goal. A school is only as good as it's teachers. In the context of a classroom and teaching-learning real agents of change are teachers, and we have made it a part of our process to discover their perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, practices, and challenges around technology. Engagement with other stakeholders (such as students and parents) to understand their unique challenges is also central to our process. Our interest is in the multiplicity of voices — not just our own — to build consensus among those impacted by technology.

We have tried, failed, and refined our approach many times now; and we continue to grow and evolve in our capacity to enable depth and authenticity in schools in the context of educational technology. The best approach, we feel, is to enable a participatory culture where everybody has a voice. We think that this allows the wisdom of the collective to emerge where there is a strong consensus on the way forward. Our task has been to establish and sustain systems and processes that enable such an emergence. We have found that creative and innovative practices naturally begin to flow as one creates and nourishes such systems.

We continue here in our roles as "Ed Tech Counsellors," happy in the knowledge that we are nourishing a community. We feel that it will take us another year or two of research, analysis, experimentation, refinement, and implementation at the "ground level" before we are confident in our capability to collaborate with other schools. Check again later for updates.

Our Offerings

1. Systems Building

We work towards building culture, processes, trainings, policies and infrastructure that enable and support digital practices. As each school differs in terms of size, priorities, structure, role composition and many other factors, we work on creating contextualised approaches appropriate to a school's needs.

2. Technology and Implementation

We work with our partner schools to implemet Google Suite of tools and our own applications which adds SIS, CRM, Admissions Management and many other features. We also identify and work on domain specific challenges and implement open-source (or low-cost) and widely available technology tools.

3. Curriculum

We are currently working on a competency-based curriculum. More information coming soon.


Priyanka Bhatia

Co-Founder, Research, Development, Implementation

Studied at University of Manchester and Strathclyde University. Focus on digital education practices in the Indian context. Currently ed-tech counselor at K12 schools.

Pranav Kumar

Co-Founder, Research, Design, Development

Studied at Bangalore University and University of Copenhagen. Walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir with Walk of Hope. Focus on research, design and development.

Neha Jhunjhunwala

Co-Founder, Finance, Implementation

Studied at Bangalore University, Guru Nanak Dev University and Victoria University. Background in banking and sports management. Holds a black belt in taekwondo. Played competitive martial arts, and tennis at the national level. Focus on women empowerment and bringing initiatives to rural schools.

Mitali Luthra

Apprentice, Design, Media, Outreach

Bio coming soon.


Apprentice, Design, Development, Media, Outreach

Bio coming soon.

Mentors and Advisors

Deepa Dogra

Mentor, advisor, investor

Studied at Delhi University, CIEFL and University of Cambridge. Research on teaching English language in Indian classrooms. 10 years as principal at Ashoka Hall, Ranikhet. Currently academic director of Cambridge International Schools.

Dr. Brijesh Kumar


Studied at Kurukshetra University and IIFT. Served the government for 20 years and then turned entrepreneur. Heads Digital Media Initiatives right now. Also advises policy makers on ed-tech.

Ajay Bhatia


Started his first company at 19. Now the owner of a multi-national company. Created the first girls-only and IB World school in Punjab.

Sri M

Sri M is a spiritual guide, social reformer and educationist. He is our guide and mentor and has profoundly influenced our life and work.

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